Zombicide II: Uncle Honk… Pull my finger.

Hello little fellows, boys and girls, grannies and grandpas… welcome you all to the magic world of the Circus.

Enter without fear into the secret space hidden under the multicolored circus tent we’ve raised at the outskirts of your town. The enigmatic palace of the strange where the bearded woman walks arm in arm with the strongman while a group of bold trapeze artists put their lives at risk jumping without safety net over the head of a midget tamer who is whipping three disheveled lioness.

The place where the sweet scent of sugar cotton mixes with the stench of elephant shit and rotten hay. Attend, open-mouthed, to the alluring show of the delicate Bulgarian dancers who languidly twirl around the clowns… all of them, the witty, the restless, the serious, the tender and of course… the clown with the bloodstained machete.Tio Honk

In a world where everything is going down the drain, where corpses rise from their tombs and the few humans still alive fight desperately to live another day… is there any space for something even more terrifying?… well, of course there is, my dear reader… In Zombicide there a spot for a 130kg clown with a heavy machete, whose favorite prank is to call the attention of the zombies honking his horn … Really cute, don’t you think?


That’s Uncle Honk… no one knows about his past life… was he a clown before the arrival of the zombie apocalypse?  did he go nuts after watching a horde of zombies wolf down his relatives and now he hides himself behind his clown disguise?.. We’ll never know, but the fact is that his huge figure usually means the ‘farewell to the no-life’ for many zombies and, altought he is the funniest clown in this world,  the way he uses his blade is top-notch , and nowadays that means a lot more.


That’s all my Friends… hope you liked my versión of Uncle Honk.

See you soon.



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